Why We’re Different

We are an NHS funded company running GP services, but we in order to provide best care for our patients we bring a slightly different approach.

Bob’s Story

Bob turned up to a new patient check, a little grumpy at having to see the doctor at all, but had been sent along by the ‘Mrs’.

The doctor examined his abdomen and found that his aorta was wider than it should be. This is a dangerous condition that can mean the aorta (the main blood vessel in the body) suddenly rupturing.

The patient was sent to a specialist and had a stent fitted.

He is now fit and well.

What Makes Us Different…

Patients are people and we believe that sometimes it takes more than medication alone to bring lasting improvement to someone’s health. There may be social, financial, educational or other factors within the household where medication alone is not enough to fix the problem.

Whilst some of these services are provided by other agencies and through the usual NHS channels, Hope Citadel believes that by working closely with a GP surgery team and giving patients good access to additional services, better, long lasting results are seen in our patient communities. As a Community Interest Company all our extra income is reinvested into patient care.

It is for this reason that we employ qualified counselors at every site so that waiting lists are reduced and patients can be directly referred by an onsite GP and given the tools to step forward in their situation.

Our Healthcare Assistants are given time to meet needs in the community and have been into schools to promote healthy eating, run the Baby Boogies clubs for parents and toddlers and other social health groups for patients to interact and have fun together. Recently one of our Community Health Advocates ran a course on sexual health and awareness in a local special needs school, in partnership with the local Salvation Army. By giving vulnerable people time now we are already seeing results in preventing further problems, reducing patient A&E attendances (Focused Care report to follow shortly) and helping patients move on with their lives.

For those for whom life has got just too chaotic we employ Focused Care Practitioners for patients and families who need that extra support in assessing and supporting medical and social needs and to be a bridge between services where gaps have begun to appear.

We also work closely with other agencies where we can. The ADS Drugs and Alcohol misuse team visit our sites weekly to support patients, along with the stop smoking service and local midwives where possible. Our Oldham surgeries have benefited from a local CCG initiative where MIND have come to run anti-stress and anxiety workshops onsite in our community rooms. Our facilities have also seen patients benefit from armchair exercise classes and through the surgery patient group Hill Top Surgery has hosted the Oldham Rotary Club to run the British Heart Foundation Heartstart course and so far trained over 30 patients in CPR and emergency first aid. These are all areas we hope to continue and build on in response to patient need and demand in the local population.

With a GP Surgery at the heart of a community and working in partnership with like minded people and agencies, we aim to bring change to the person, the household and then community. In everything we do we aim to bring hope.


All money given to Hope Citadel Healthcare CIC by the NHS goes on patient care. This is because no money is paid to shareholders, or taken as profit by partners.


We are passionate about working with others. The local church, hospital, hospice, the care homes, schools, youth clubs, libraries, football teams, district nurses, health visitors, midwives, police, social workers, specialists, teaching hospitals, universities, churches, charities, credit unions.


We understand that people have physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs which often intertwine and interweave. We passionately believe people, families and communities can change.