Welcome to Hope Citadel

Today in England there exists a 10-year gap in average life expectancy, and disease-free living, across our neighbourhoods from the richest to the poorest. At Hope Citadel we are not OK with this, and we suspect that you are not OK with it either.

Message from the Clinical Director:

hch-clinical-directorAt Hope Citadel we are not trying to change the world but we are trying to change the health and well-being of some of our most hard-pressed communities. We aim to do this household by household, person by person.

We believe that being a Doctor or Nurse or Support Worker is not a badge of honour but an opportunity to find solutions. Through many years living and serving where we are needed, we have found a set of values, essential in our world, that you will recognise in yourself. These include stubbornness, hard work, humility before brokenness and celebrating others’ success.

We attempt to find the best practice and practitioners and bring them into our communities. Often we find ourselves acting as introducers, encouragers and translators. By doing this we take the health options and opportunities that most of us take for granted into the households where hope is not guaranteed.

Will you join us on this journey of Hope?

Message from the Chair:

Chris SummertonHealth is one of the greatest gifts we have, and, as the newly appointed Chair of the Board of Hope Citadel Healthcare CIC, I am excited to be part of an organisation whose aim is to bring hope, health, and whole person care to patients and communities.

Hope Citadel has made inspiring progress since its formation: it has learnt from challenges and built on its successes. In a changing healthcare environment we will continue to adapt and look forward to what the future brings.


  • All the staff really listen then speak, they don’t just wait for you to shut up so they can talk.
    Middleton Health Centre Patient
  • The practice opening has transformed my life, I am so grateful to all the staff but particularly Ruth... Thanks a million.
    Hill Top Surgery Patient
  • The doctors are caring and considerate; they give you all the time you need. They give constructive advice, not just pills.
    Hawthorn Medical Centre Patient