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Wanted: GP with a heart for social justice…

Availability:The Kingsway Practice, Rochdale - 8 sessions
Experience:Hope Citadel is looking for a GP to join an exciting journey to bring healthcare that changes individuals, families and communities in Rochdale. We are passionate about bringing the NHS to where it is most needed and the past 8 years have proved that is what we're good at. We have 3 Outstanding CQC inspections under our belt, but more importantly our results and patients tell the real story. The Kingsway Practice has been run by Hope Citadel for 2 years and needs someone to bring it on to the next part of its journey.
We pay well with all the usual NHS Benefits, we support doctors with 13 minute appointments as standard, we have specialist deprivation nurses/social workers alongside practice nurses and in-house counselors and admin to help unpick the complexity of clinical, social and psychological needs. We write, we dream, we educate students and junior doctors and we think big! We are a close, fun team who look after each other.

For more information, to call in for a chat, or send your CV to us contact Anna Pratt
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